adFunture @ BEIJING TOY SHOW 2019 / by EDDI YIP


We just came back from Beijing Toy Show 2019, which was held Aug 16th-18th.  

A great job by the organiser Popmart; the whole event was smooth as silk with no lack of traffic neither.  This year’s BTS was held at a new location, which is a bit further out from the city.  Folks had to drive 1.5hrs to the venue from the city.  But yet, the venue was filled.  Lots of heart.  We appreciate all the visitors making the trip.  

We changed our adFunture exhibition setup for this one as well.  We changed from our black-box setup to an all white opened exhibition format with graphics by Crack.   Highlight products for this exhibition included Crack’s DEEZ NUTZ, Eddi’s RASTACLAT LION, Law Sun-Yeung’s SPACE WOODY, Abell Octovan’s IN CASH WE TRUST, and last but not least, our new work with Clogtwo.  With Clogtwo, we debuted the MECHASOUL Vinyl Art Collection, with ANTI-VIRUS to start off the series.  The 25cm tall ball shaped ANTI-VIRUS will be available for pre-order soon on this site.     

We look forward to the next exhibition.